Thursday, August 21, 2014

The train has left the station

“If you board the wrong train, it is no use running along the corridor in the other direction.”
-Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Evil has a habit of distorting the truth and uses every disguise to persuade each of us to sign up for the "trip of a lifetime".  For all the allure of  obtaining "your best life now", deep  down we know it is a temporary restraining order.  Yet, we are drawn to these false preachers to satisfy that desire to make us comfortable and happy, if only we will "sow into their ministry".

Make no mistake about it, there are wolves in pulpits throughout the world placed there to devour people who do not know their Bibles.  They are drawn away from the truth by their own desires and are "stumbling toward death".  The way to determine a counterfeit is to carefully examine the real thing.  It takes time and resolve, but eternal life is in the balance.

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